Brand new Solution for Examining Head CTs

Analyzing medical images has never been so easy and comfortable! With SeeMIK software every radiologist can utilize knowledge provided by similar previous radiological studies stored in hospitals' databases.


SeeMIK briefly

SeeMIK is the software solution developed in CARDS project funded by University of Oulu and TEKES. Main purpose of SeeMIK is to help and assist radiologist in the interpretation of medical images by providing tools for image and/or text search in hospital’s PACS and RIS databases.

  • Experience by demand

    Using accumulated data in hospital's IT systems enables radiologist learning also from other radiologist’s experience at the moment of need.

  • Gentle assistance

    SeeMIK doesn't make detection or diagnosis by itself but provides tools for searching for previous cases with similar findings.

SeeMIK workflow

  • Search initiation

    If radiologist is not sure which diagnosis better relates to existing findings, then he/she points out the feature of interest in the medical image and defines keywords.

  • Data processing

    SeeMIK finds keys for images with similar-appearing features and study reports related to keywords in index. It obtains by found keys real data from PACS and RIS and then shows it to radiologist.

  • Result analysis

    With list of results radiologist can compare images, read anonymized reports and/or view whole studies. After that radiologist makes a report or performs another search.


Benefits for hospitals

Time saving

The few but time-consuming difficult cases require significantly less work time.

Faster learning

The availability of reference cases helps the specializing radiologists to learn more quickly.


Massive amount of medical images and related data will be in productive use.

Easy to integrate

SeeMIK was made with DICOM and HL7 standards in mind, so integration with hospital's IT infrastructure is painless and predictable.

Fits to work flow

SeeMIK designed with radiologists and under control of radiologists, so it perfectly fits into typical processes of radiology department.

Secure personal data

We care a lot about patients, physicians and organizations related data, so SeeMIK shows to user only necessary data for making a decision.


Project team

Petr Martynov

Petr Martynov

Ph.D. (Tech.)
R&D specialist

Nikolai Mitropolskii

Nikolai Mitropolskii

Ph.D. (Tech.)
R&D specialist

Monika Gretsch

Monika Gretsch

M.D., Radiologist
Medical specialist

Liisa Mutanen

Liisa Mutanen

M.Sc. (Tech.), M.Sc. (Econ.)
Commercialization specialist

Katri Kukkola

Katri Kukkola

M.Sc. (Tech.)
Project manager

Anssi Mäkynen

Anssi Mäkynen

Professor, Ph.D. (Tech.)
Project responsible head

Contact us

  • Project manager

    Katri Kukkola
    +358 40 737 4692

  • Location

    Optoelectronics and Measurement Techniques Unit, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Oulu

    Erkki Koiso-Kanttilankatu 3,
    90570 Oulu, Finland

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